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Studio Pottery

The lifeblood of our studio is creativity.
Having the opportunity to stretch artistically is vital. Studio pieces are one-of-a-kind works that reflect the creative individuality of the artist. They are signed and include the words “Studio Pottery”. Beginning in 2007, we added our stamp – the distinctive Door Pottery three-gingko leaf logo.

A few important changes for Studio Pottery and its availability. In the past we have showcased some of our one of a kind pieces here, but it has been a struggle to get our most current work pictured and then it isn’t linked to our shopping cart.

Now thanks to an easier format, we will be using our Etsy storefront to display Studio Pottery, and a variety of other pottery. One major advantage to using this format is that now you can buy these one of a kind pieces without having to wait and call the studio. Etsy’s shopping cart enables us to list and sell one item. It is secure and allows you to check out with PayPal or a credit card.

We’ll still send out emails when we list new Studio Pottery, but we invite you to check back periodically to see what else we list! If you’re new to Etsy, click on the link below or here to check out our shop. In order to purchase through Etsy you must be preregistered on their site. If you have any questions feel free to call the studio at 608.274.5511, T–F 10–5 CT.

Studio Pottery by  
Lizard   5 Handled Kendrick Vase
Lizard  SOLD 
in Northern Lights Blue
(10"h x 6.5"w) details
  5 Handled Kendrick Vase  SOLD 
in Mottled Maple Yellow
(12"h x 9"w) details
Windy Day    
Windy Day  SOLD 
in Hickory Wood Ash
(15.25"h x 9.25"w) details
Studio Pottery by  
Fabled Fern   Simple Beginnings
Fabled Fern  SOLD 
in Dark Sage
(13.5"h x 6.75"w) details
  Simple Beginnings  SOLD 
in Northern Lights Green
(15"h x 10"w) details
Springtime Splendor   Tender Moments
Springtime Splendor  SOLD 
in Cucumber Green with Pink
(13"h x 6"w) details
  Tender Moments  SOLD 
in Northern Lights Green
(16.5"h x 9"w) details
Beautiful Buttercups   Much Ado About Mucha
Beautiful Buttercups  SOLD 
in Cucumber Green with Maple Yellow
(15.25"h x 6"w) details
  Much Ado About Mucha  SOLD 
in Dark Sage with Clementine
(12.25"h x 10.25"w) details
Studio Pottery by  
Mossy Hollow   Double Rim Cutout
Mossy Hollow  SOLD 
in Experimental High Fire Glaze
(15.5"h x 8.5"w) details
  Double Rim Cutout  SOLD 
in Northern Lights Blue
(15.75"h x 8.25"w) details
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