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Door Pottery | Arts and Crafts Pottery - Timeless Art... From our hands to your home
About Us

The Arts & Crafts Movement upheld certain ideals including high quality craftsmanship and uncompromised creativity in small studio settings.

Our Philosophy
Door Pottery was founded by Scott Draves in 2001 based on these same ideals and he continues his dedication to creating quality handmade pieces of art pottery. With a focus on the creative process rather than producing mass quantities, Door Pottery has always been centered around creative expression. Imagination, experimentation and exploration all factor into maintaining an atmosphere essential for artistic growth.

There is also an understanding of the importance of history. Door’s beginnings sprang from the revival of the Arts & Crafts Movement, and that continues to be a primary focus today. Door’s designs will happily wander through the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements, and it’s hard not to be entranced by the Prairie School simplicity when there is an abundance of Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs all around in southern Wisconsin.

One of the best aspects of any artistic movement is that it is dynamic. Where it starts out isn’t where it ends up. This is true for Door Pottery as well. Over the years, Door Pottery has employed several artists to encourage ceramic careers and expand the creative aesthetic of Door Pottery’s line. Their maker’s mark and signature can be found on the bottoms of older pieces and reflect their personal designs and input in the ceramic process. While these artists have mostly moved onto to other creative endeavors they are an important part of Door’s history.

Richard Retzlaff – mold maker and resident studio DJ with dance moves. He made many molds to create a variety of tiles, paperweights and specialty pieces. He also assisted with glazing and kiln loading.

John Tiller – Production potter and Studio Pottery artist. John threw most of the production vase shapes and contributed in designing new forms as well as one-of-a-kind Studio Pottery pieces. He is best known for his Art Nouveau flair, speed, ease and range of throwing forms and his lovely bee stories. He still occasionally throws for Scott when needed for larger orders.

Nicky Ross – Designer, decorator, Studio Pottery artist. Always full of ideas, Nicky decorated a large portion of the production line and developed numerous new designs over the years. Many Studio Pottery pieces are graced with her love of flowers.

Bridget Hauser – Office Manager and Media Promotions. Bridget used her masterful management skills to keep everything running, organize orders and shows, maintain client relations, design catalogues and broaden customer reach through social platforms. Truly a multitasking maven!

Through the last couple of moves, Door’s structure has simplified and Scott Draves is again the sole producer of Door Pottery. From the first idea inkling to the final product, Scott stays connected to the process of clay through designing, throwing and glazing each piece.

As a result, each piece of pottery is an original work of art, an expression of the style and craft that inspires it. No two pieces are exactly alike and the number of pieces produced is very low. Door Pottery has always created unique, collectible pottery meant to be treasured for generations. Customers comment over and over again how much they cherish their pieces of Door Pottery, and Door is proud to make the art they live with. Each piece is carefully crafted, made by hand and meant to be enjoyed.

Timeless Art... From our hands to your home.

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