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Faience Glazes

Our Faience Glazes are all crystalline mattes, ranging from the gorgeous runs of our Blends and depth of color in the Solids, to the wonderful texture of the Mottled Glazes. With the look and feel of antique pottery, these special art glazes require the same delicate care. They are not watertight or food safe. The pottery should never be filled with or submerged in water. To display live flowers you can line the vase with a plastic or glass cup. To preserve your piece, dust with a dry or slightly dampened soft cloth. Use water only. Cleaning products may damage the finish. To avoid ink transfer, these pieces should not be wrapped in newsprint.

New Glazes

Scott is continually producing new glaze formulas, with many of them watertight! He has offered the lovely Granny Smith Green for a while, however new colors arise as he conjures up new glaze recipes and color palettes. Please keep in mind that while some of these glazes may be watertight, they are NOT foodsafe unless otherwise noted.

To see the newest glazes fresh out of the kiln, check out the Etsy shop or see them in person at Door Pottery’s next art show near you. For current updates and first crack at these vases, please subscribe to the email list on the front page or join the Facebook page

Below are samples to show you how each glaze appears on an actual piece of pottery.


Northern Lights Green - NLG  

Northern Lights Green - NLG
A natural harmony of flowing green hues. Can feature Clementine elements. Blend will vary.

  Northern Lights Blue- NLB
A gorgeous display of lively greens melding with a deep midnight blue. Can have Clementine accents. Blend will vary.
Autumn Mix - AM    Spring Mix - SM
Autumn Mix - AM
Warm yellows and browns melting into dark sage. Blend will vary.
  Spring Mix - SM
Honey tans flowing into light spring green ending in misty blue. Blend will vary.


Dark Sage - DS   Cucumber Green - CG
Dark Sage - DS
A rich dark green with hints
of brown and olive.
  Cucumber Green - CG
A very organic green like
summer grass, evergreens and saplings.
Arts & Crafts Blue - B   Eggplant - EP
Arts & Crafts Blue - B
A beautiful dark indigo with black highlights.
  Eggplant - EP
A perfect union of plum, wine and chocolate. A lovely color that pairs well with dark greens.
Teco Green - TG   Misty Blue - MB
Teco Green - TG
A good representation of early Teco green glazes. Light green with a hint of aqua and subtle white rivers.
  Misty Blue - MB
A soft light blue the color of a summer sky.
Maple Yellow - MY   Clementine - CL
Maple Yellow- MY
A soft golden hue with subtle white highlights.
  Clementine - CL  NEW 
A warm mix of pumpkin and carrot with a hint of nutmeg.


  Mottled Maple Yellow - MMY
Mottled Cucumber Green - MCG
A cucumber green background with a mottled green foreground.
  Mottled Maple Yellow - MMY
A toasty yellow background with reddish brown accents and a textured yellow foreground.
Mottled Green Blue - MGB    
Mottled Green Blue - MGB
An arts and crafts blue background with a mottled green foreground.


Granny Smith Green - GSG  NEW 
A fresh bright apple green.
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